Ervan's Flameskull Servant


Originally found in Wave Echo Cave, Chatter is a partially maniacal Flameskull who was created by one of the original spellcrafters who died defending the mine from marauding orcs.

Over the years Chatter grew more and more desolate and impatient as there were no visitors to the mine but he was bound by the original magic to stay bound to the dungeon and defend it.

The party encountered him during their spelunking. Chatter was delighted to have visitors but urgently warned them against trying to enter the chamber. The party rushed forward however, and bound by the pact of his creation, Chatter was forced to fire on them.

After a brief skirmish, the party successfully defeated him and thought him gone for good. His corporeal form turned to a pile of dust on the ground, and Erevan scooped them up into a bag thinking it might be useful as a spell component and the party moved deeper.

Flameskulls have a unique property where they are brought back after a period of time if their remains are still collected and a dispell magic or remove curse has not cast on them. After some time Chatter was brought back to unlife by this magic and burst from the sack much to everyone’s surprise. Rather than being hostile however, Chatter was elated because he had been removed from the chamber to which he had been bound. Using this loophole he was able to live freely now and owed a great deal to his unwitting liberators, particularly Erevan.

Calling Erevan, “Master”, Chamber pledged his service to him and the group moving forward.



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